Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SSB is Heading to Annapolis for the RBNY vs CPB game!

SSB will be at the Red Bull New York vs Crystal Palace Baltimore game today. I will say sorry in advance for the lack of posting today but, I will be comming back with pictures and videos of the game!!!!

Oh and lets not forget that the Empire Supporters Club will be there too.

Guys and Gals, talk all you want about the game here on SSB!!!!

DCU and their Stadium Problems....

Here is the Link:

I'll Just say this washington post says one thing and Mr. Payne says another. Will the problems with the DCU stadium get done already? Just build this thing and then worry about the costs. The team that has the most championships will possibly be the last to have a stadium!. Expantion teams are getting stadium like nothing. Teams who havent done anything in MLS are getting Stadiums. DCU just get this thing built, it is a shame that you guys cant get a stadium for your team and loyal fans. GET IT DONE. OR YOU WILL BE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE LEAGUE!!!! We know New England has a owner that dosnt want to spend anything, but DCU ownership does. DCU ownership just get a few extra million out of your pockets and agin make this work!

What are your thoughts about the Stadium circus? Waiting for theis stadium to get built?

Chester Stadium Construction Update

Here are some great Construction Pictures of the Chester Stadium Site!

All photos taken by mrdivothead.

SSB has brought you some great Chester Pictures. Now SSB will be providing you updates on how constrcuction will be going in Chester. We will work as hard as possible to give you as much photos we can per week if not, then per month.

What do you think about construction so far in Chester? Like it? Think its slow? Give us your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009






Source: Johnson and Pacheco are Done Deals

The dream for red bull fans have come true. With Red Bull trading for thier 10th international slot it clears the way for 2 exciting out side full backs!!!!

But dont be suprised if some one or two players get cut because of these two signings, it definitly helps the Red bulls defence and it brings great free kick options and great attack from the back!

So what do you guys think of this?

Think its great? think that Red Bull are MLS Cup contenders? or is that to far ahead? let us know what you think?

Seattle Next MLS CUP Town

I think this is a great pick for an MLS cup, but some may differ. Yes its the second striaght year that its on the west cost but there are no nice soccer stadiums on the east coast unless you put the New Red Bulls Stadium in there but thats not till 2010, but i would pick Bridgewiew over Seattle but thats me. But seattle does have a great home base and then you add the away support for the final, the game might sell out qwest field.

What do you guys think of this? Great? Bad? Dont care? Tell us what you think?

Check out some Stadium Photos and Videos!!!!

My friends at The Offsides Rules and The Offside have some great video footage of the Red Bull Arena.

Go to thier website and look at all the amzing pictures and videos they have.... and thier blogs arent that bad either very interesting reads, I would definitly bookmark them.


Todays Portland fate is all on the city council today, if the plan gets 3 out of 5 votes, they are in and portland with vancouver will have a MLS team!

I will be on this story like a hawk today, i will keep you guys updated on how things are going!

Lets Get Some MLS EXTRA TIME!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Done Deal: Red Bulls sign Albert Celades!!!!

Sources tell SSB that Albert Celades has signed with RBNY!!!!

Celades is added to the long list of Defensive Midfielders that RBNY has, but most think that he will play centerback along side Petke.

Sources say that Carlos Johnson is almost done and Alfredo Pacheco is bascicly done and they are working on the paper work.

So, what do you guys Think about this move? great for RBNY?

Your Champions League Talk

It is your turn to talk about soccer, its the champions league day today, so lets talk about that!!!! So let it go guys!!!!

Bruce and Tom talk LA GALAXY

Here is some audio of Bruce and Tom talking about the LA GALAXY

Report: Oregonian Confirms Deal with MLS is Done, Now its the Councils turn to set the Deal in Stone!!!!

The Oregonian Reports that the deal with MLS is done, now lets wait for the Council for tomorrows vote, PLEASE COUNCIL BRING PORTLAND TIMBERS TO MLS!!!!

SSB's Take: The New Expantion Towns in MLS, and more

Well here is SSB's take on this whole expantion thing, WE LOVE IT!!!! Not only will it be great for these two towns to come in to MLS but it will be a instant 4 way rivalry just like in the east coast in 2010. Look at this in the North East, RedbullNY, DC United, AC Philadelphia and NE Revolution are al hated rivals, they all hate each other and cant stand each others guts. Now, lets put that in the North West, Vancouver BC Whitecaps, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders , and SJ EarthQuakes. It looks like a instant HIT, no? But look at this the MLS likes the north, no? It defintly looks top heave on the northsides on both coasts, but in all good for the MLS, beacuse it makes instant rivals. There is no better rivals then the one in the North east, combine that with the North west, now we have some great atmospheres in MLS, wow 2011 will be a great hit with out a doubt!

Now lets look at the Vancouver BC Whitecaps, they have strong ownership, and great new stadium plan that will make BC look state of the art. and they even get a decent amount for games. But i know that they will have to work on thier supporters club, because they are not so great. Whitecaps are now the defending USL Champions, its a great gift to get a MLS team after winning the USL Championship, now lets see if they transform that in the MLS.

Now we are off to the Portland Timbers, there is nothing bad about the ownership supporters and SOCCER CITY USA, but then again thier team finished last in the USL. But lets look at this They have a owner with deap pockets. a beautiful stadium in place and they will be making it to lool more soccer savy, and it will possibly be the most urban looking soccer stadium in the world, which everyone loves. Now lets get to the timbers army, well lets just say the best supporters group in the united states of america. They support thier team well, very well. they are loud,and proud and no one can beat that. In MLS the Portland Timbers Stadium, PGE PARK will be the hardest stadium to play in MLS. This Epantion Bid was a no brainer, now it will get a MLS team which by far everyone in MLS loves!!!!

For the next round of expantion, I think everyone would love to see Montreal and ST. Louis, with them comming in it would be a great. St. Louis would make an Instant rivals with Kansas City and Chicago. Montreal would make a rilval with Toronto and New England. How great would that be. More rivals in MLS. It would only make the league so much better! When would you like to see the net epantion round? 2013? Let us know what you guys think about all this expantion stuff? like the 2 new expantion team?

Red Bull NY have new 3D stadium seating website!!!!

Here is the link to the beautiful new website, look for youself!!!!

Sounders Report

Well it looks like Mister Freddy "DP" Ljungberg is back in seattle to practice on the pitch with his team mates. Hey he might even play against the red bulls in the season opener. And Keller looks optimistic for the season. But did i hear former metro Perter Villagas with the sounders? Hmm looks like he might be comming back to MLS. But it does look like The sounders look like a good squad and they are gonna be a tough team to beat. In other sounders notes the team had draw vs RSL in Open Cup play.

Here is a video from the Sounders Website on how the new expantion team is doing.

What are your thoughts about the sounders?

Are you ready for the MLS Season?

The Sounders and Red Bulls kick off the season on the 19th. the Sounders Supporters will be at Qwest. But the Red bull supporters, will be at Nevada Smiths, if you live in the NYC area come to Nevada Smith on the 19th to watch the game. Its a bar where Soccer is Religion....

John "pants" Conway can practice

Well, Mr. Don Garber has allowed Mr. Pants to practice with the red bull team during the regular season. I don't know what this means, but we all can agree that Danny "spiderman" Cepero will be the starting Goalkeeper opening day and Possibly for the rest of the season. With Alec Dufty playing a half in the last game in Argentina, is this a possible sign that Red Bull want to Trade Conway? Well now its much more easy to trade him now that he will practice with the team that he will be with. With Red Bull Haveing 3 goalkeepers in camp, one has to go, and and Conway is making 90K over the Starting goalkeeper, I wouldnt say that a fair game for Cepero, I think Sir.Osorio and Agoos are looking at the trade options. If a trade goes down it will help Red Bull a lot and will be able to sign Dufty to a small contract and Red Bull will be able to bring a good player to help out on the field.

What do you guys think of this? Great for the team? great for conway? or who cares?